2009  BI-CENTENARY Louis Braille



 To mark the birth bi-centenary of Louis Braille, the Government of India has released commemorative coins of Rs.100 and Rs.2 

 denominations on 4th January 2009.Rs 2 coin will also be issued in circulation issue.

These set are unique as it contains of only 1uncirculated coin. This is the first time Hyderabad mint is issuing these sets.


 Louis Braille (born in French; January 4, 1809 – January 6, 1852) was the inventor of  braille a

 world-wide system used by blind and visually impaired people for reading and writing.


 Zum Gedenken an die 200-Jahrfeier zum Geburtstag von Louis Braille, hat die indische Regierung Gedenkmünzen (100 Rs/2 Rs) am 4. Januar 2009 frei 

 gegeben. Die 2 Rs Münzen werden auch zur Zirkulation freigegeben


 Louis Braille (* 4. Januar 1809 in Coupvray bei Paris; † 6. Januar 1852 in Paris) ist der Erfinder des nach ihm benannten  

 Punktschriftsystems für Blinde, der Brailleschrift.


2 Rupees Stainless Steel (FSS)  5,62 gr 27mm

India Government Mint, Kolkata has made arrangements for the sale of Commemorative Coins in Proof & Uncirculated varieties on the occasion "BIRTH ANNIVERSARY OF LOUIS BRAILLE".

Birth Anniversary of Louis Braille ( 2 coin set - Rs 100 + Rs 2 ) Proof and Unciculated Variety.Booking Period 10 Jul 2009 to 31 Oct 2009.


Hyderabad Mint with Set of 2 Rs and 10 Rs. Rs.10


10 Rs


7.7 gms. Circular 27 mm


Rs. 2


5.62 gms Circular 27 mm